Mystery Box Giveaway - Collect the Codes to Unlock!

Today's Code

100 Mystery Boxes - 100 Winners

Effort and Luck Based Contest.

How to Win:

1. Visit our Contest Page and Click on Red Button to Subscribe to our Notifications Feed.
2. We will send you codes via notifications on your screen. Collect at least 7 of them.
3. Once you have 7 Codes. Use them in different combinations to open your mystery box (link will be sent to you as well).
4. Take a screenshot of your prize and claim it from our support team.
5. Only Customers with at least one "Delivered" orders are eligible to participate. (few exceptions for dedicated fans)
6. Use this mystery box unlock page to try your combinations (once every 2 hours).

The contest will end on Eid Day or when all 100 boxes are claimed. (whichever comes first)
Winners will be listed here.

Only contact our social media team on FB and Instagram for this context. website support will not be able to help you in this regard.
Legal Disclaimer: These contests are just for fun only. (Don't get too serious about it, especially if you don't win anything ). Every giveaway is at company discretion and entry into the contest or winning of prizes are neither guaranteed nor promised. Nothing in this post constitutes a  legal contract/agreement.