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Product Description

Mini hand Sewing Machine Using a stapler is quick and easy. This small sewing machine that looks like a stapler makes it easy to hem your clothes and is great for making quick fixes.

This electric hand-held single-stitch sewing machine is much faster and easier than using a needle, saving you time and money.

The craft machine is easy to use and move around. Both beginners and experts can use it to make DIY handkerchiefs, cloth toys, patchwork, simple embroidery, or arts and crafts with terry.

A small, useful, light, and easy-to-carry piece.

You can fix things like drapes without taking them down, clothes without taking them off, bedding without taking it all off the bed, and so much more.Easy to sew all kind of fabrics-It can taken anywhere with us-Portable and cordless-Four bobins steel,three sewing needle,one needle threader

Easy to sew all kind of fabrics. It can taken anywhere with us. Portable and cordless.

Contains Four bobins steel, three sewing needle, one needle threader

How to get your Handy Stitch Machine ready:

1: Put the Bobbin with the Spring and make sure the thread is not tangled in it.

2: Thread the needle through the hol

3: Put the thread through the tension controller between the two discs. To change the tension, tighten the disc.

4. Use a needle threader to get the thread through the needle and put the thread from the back of the needle.

If the thread comes out after you've sewn:

This machine only has one thread, which means it doesn't have a bobbin to sew on the back of the fabric.

When the stitching is done,

Change the side of the cloth.

Pull the thread through the needle using the threader to connect the stitches, and you're done.

If you need more protection, you can also tie a knot.


Chain-style stitching works on a single thread.

On the bottom, there is no need for a bobbin, and the knot must be tied by hand after the stitch is done.

Professional tailors often won't fix hems because it's hard to do it by hand and takes a lot of time.

This small sewing machine that looks like a stapler makes it easy to hem your clothes and is great for making quick fixes.

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