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Product Description

This creative silicone bath brush body scrubber works as a brush and a soap dispenser, making showering and squeezing soap a delight. Made of high-quality silicone that is mild and safe to use while exfoliating and massaging your skin. It's circular and hand-sized for easy grip and cleaning, and it's quite nice for massaging your back and body. It is designed with a hook for easy hanging, drying, and storing; it is also more hygienic than other solutions.


Silicone shower brush can serve in multipurpose may be used to wash and massage hair as silicone loofah brush, clean the body thoroughly as best silicone bath scrubber, massage, and groom pets as silicone pet bath brush.

How silicone bath brushes work?

To maximize your shower experience, try out our silicone loofah brush that doubles as a gel dispenser and massage tool. This silicone shower brush can hold up to 80 ml of shower gel. This soft silicone bath brush can be squeezed straight while you're in the shower. Shower gel is more convenient because it may be spread all over the body at once.


Is Silicon Bath Brush Safe?

Our silicone massage bath brush is produced from 100% natural, food-grade silicone that is safe for the environment. Brushing your body with it will feel like a relaxing massage, which is great for relieving stress, smoothing away cellulite, improving blood flow, and regenerating your skin's elasticity. It is also BPA-free and complies with LFGB standards.


2-IN-1 Structure: Bath Body Brush has a reservoir on top which can hold up to 80ml of shampoo.  Simply squeeze the top of the brush to release the shower gel. It may be used for a few days and is good for bathing.

baby bath brush

Just the right size and easy to hold: The small body brush is 3.46 by 3.15 by 2.24 inches and can also be used by kids. The curved shape will fit your hand perfectly and give you the best massage while you're in the shower.


Soft and Safe: This bath massage brush is made of safe silicone and is very soft and easy to clean. Fits all skin types and is easy on the skin. Great for kids, women, and men to use.

Easy to Clean: Our Bath Brush is very easy to clean. Just wash it with hot or running water, and there won't be any foam.



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