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Brand: Toshiba Location: BB-WAREHOUSE
Long-lasting Power: Compatible with high current equipment Excellent shelf life: Minimal self-discharge which allows for long storage Vibration resistance: Battery performance is maintained even in high vibration and shock in cordless equipment and outdoor applications Compatible with high current e..
350 Rs.
Brand: Toshiba Location: BB-WAREHOUSE
Designed according to Japanese standards for extra high performance and efficiency. High capacity to weight ratio. Toshiba batteries are a top choice and will easily outperform most other brands Due to their high performance, they are suitable for everyday use in a variety of devices, both high drai..
150 Rs.
Brand: Toshiba Location: BB-WAREHOUSE
Toshiba AA batteriesPack of 4Best for RemotesFresh DatedLong Lasting..
200 Rs.
Brand: Toshiba Location: BB-WAREHOUSE
AAA Toshiba Super Heavy Duty batteries despite their good sounding names are essentially Carbon Zinc batteries, though that is not marked anywhere on the batteries themselves and these are commonly found in supermarkets. Toshiba AA Batteries are High quality and reliable to use. It is 100% new batte..
100 Rs.
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