Silicone Nose Up Shaping Clip

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  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 12.95 cm x 9.65 cm x 1.27 cm
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  • EAN: 8809370163665
  • MPN(Manufacturer Part Number): M03843
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Product Description

It's easy to use and feels good. It's easy to sharpen this tool and get a high nose bridge with it. Not bad for the skin. Two sizes soft gel pad. You can adjust the pressure to suit your nose. No pain. Just put it on your nose for ten to fifteen minutes.

Only 10-15 minutes per day will be needed to clip it on your nose and achieve a beautiful, straight nose. It is comfortable to use, an easy tool to sharpen and achieve a high nose bridge, and has a noticeable nose lifting effect without harming the skin.

Apply to nose for approximately 15 minutes a day for desired effect With this handy three-in-one package of nose up lifter and bridge straightener, you can achieve nasal beauty Please stop use immediately if any discomfort is felt


Silicon Pads, wear comfortably,

Makes Large Nose Smaller,

Flat Nose Pointer,

Wide Nose Thinner

Bulbous Nose Sharper and Crooked Nose, asymmetrical Nose aligned.

Used for Droopy Nose to Lift up and to straighten bumps and align the nasal bridge.

The product is originally manufactured by the company and it's a top selling product with a very reasonable and low price in the market in Pakistan. We hope you will love and enjoy this product and it will be very useful for you. It will improve your daily life. 





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