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SteelSeries Rival 500 MMOMOBA Mouse – 16,000 CPI

SteelSeries Rival 500 MMOMOBA  Mouse – 16,000 CPI
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SteelSeries Rival 500 MMOMOBA Mouse – 16,000 CPI
  • PixArt PMW3360 Optical Sensor
  • 15 Button Layout
  • Customizable Tactile Alerts
  • Reinforced left and right switches

Rival 500

The Rival 500 is the first 15 button MOBA/MMO mouse designed to function with
the natural movements of your hand.

Next-Gen Side Button Layout

The Rival 500 is the first mouse designed around the natural contours of your
thumb. This is not the next level of multi-button gaming mice, this is the end

Rival 500 Side Button Layout

Think Beyond The Thumb

Your thumb can handle more than one button, so why can’t your other fingers?

Easy-access top buttons are perfect for opening your map, opening skill menus,
hopping on your mount, or controlling the courier.

Tactile Alerts Let You Feel The Game

Rival 500 Tactile Alerts Image

No two alerts are the same! You choose which in-game events automatically
trigger tactile alerts and you have complete control over how each one feels.

Left and Right Click

The Left and Right click buttons are built with a special reinforced plastic,
unlike any other mouse to-date. This makes the mouse more durable, and helps to
evenly distribute the force of each click, making for a more consistent feeling.

30M Click Durability

SteelSeries Switches have a 30 million click lifespan. Your mouse might just
outlast you.

Mechanical Button Lock

Not using the bottom buttons? Easily lock them by flicking up the physical
switch on the underside of the mouse, allowing your thumb to rest easily on them
and extending your safe space.

Improved Sidegrips

The Rival 500 side grips are clad with an entirely new blend of double-injected
rubber that gives gamers the ultimate grip over their game.

Comfortable Gaming Sessions

After 3 years of multiple designed and iterations, we have scrutinized and
optimized every angle of this mouse to ensure maximum comfort regardless of your
grip styles.

Pixart 3360 Optical Sensor

Out-lasthit, out-lane, out-perform with the best optical gaming sensor. Armed
with the Pixart 3360, the Rival 500 delivers the most true tracking experience
in a gaming mouse to date.

3D Printed Nameplate

Handy with a 3D printer? Why not design your own Rival 500 nameplate? To switch
out the nameplate, simply pry the existing one off at either end (a fingernail
or the tip of a pen can do the trick) and pop your new one in.

Control All Your Settings

SteelSeries Engine 3

Rival 500 SteelSeries Engine 3



Top Cover

Ergonomic, Right-Handed

Grip Style:?Palm,
Claw, Fingertip

Number of Buttons:?15

SteelSeries Switches:?Rated
for 30 Million Clicks

Reinforced Left and Right Clicks

g, 0.284 lbs


3.08 in

Cable Length:?2m,

Sensor name:?PixArt
Sensor Type:?Optical
to 16,000
Polling Rate:?1
ms (1000 Hz)
Zero Hardware Acceleration

Tracking Accuracy:?1:1

Customization Options

    • Gamesense Support
    • Tactile Alert Customization
    • SteelSeries Engine Support: SSE3
    • Multiple CPI Options
    • Programmable Buttons
    • Onboard Profile Storage
    • Acceleration Customization
    • Deceleration Customization
    • Color Options: 16.8 Million
    • Printable 3-D Nameplate / Download 3D Files

Steel Series


1 Year

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