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Heart Shaped Red Foil Balloon

Heart Shaped Red Foil Balloon
Heart Shaped Red Foil Balloon
Pure Helium (90% or higher) inflation allow balloon to float. Shipped uninflated. Can be air filled or pure helium filled.
This balloon is self sealing so no tying with fingers required.
This beautiful balloon is great for children’s birthdays, parties.
This foil balloon is helium quality and suitable to inflate with both helium or air.
Easy to inflate using the a straw or an air handheld pump.
Easily hung on strings from ceilings or attached to wall with tape
Self-sealing valve for easy inflation and deflation.
Material is Foil, color uniform, spherical beautiful.
When the inflation is completed, please put the ball to pinch flat, the ball comes automatically sealing glue.
Can be used repeatedly, inflating and deflating convenience.
After completion of the inflatable ball mouth pinch flat, the ball comes viscose mouth automatically.
Suitable for Birthday, Event Party, Anniversaries, Weddings, Graduation, All kinds of party etc.
Material: Foil
Color: Red 
Shape: Heart

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