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آرڈر کرنے میں کسی بھی پریشانی کی صورت ہمیں واٹس ایپ پر میسیج کریں۔ ہمارا نمائیندہ خود آپ کا آرڈر نوٹ کرے گا۔

( 20 ) Red Rose Flower Decorative Fairy Lights

( 20 ) Red Rose Flower Decorative Fairy Lights
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( 20 ) Red Rose Flower Decorative Fairy Lights
  • Rose flower shape, beautiful and can create romantic atmosphere.
  • Rope light with 2m 20 fairy LED.
  • Low power consumption, safe and reliable.
  • It can be placed or hung on walls, windows, doors, floors, ceilings, grasses, Christmas trees etc.
  • The perfect decoration for other holidays, party, wedding, etc.
  • No complex operation problems: 3*AA batteries (not included), just install the batteries in the battery box and then push the button and start working.
  • Item Type: Fairy Light
  • Material: PE
  • Light Color: Red
  • Quantity of LED: 20 pcs
  • Battery Powered By: 3 * AA (NOT Included)
  • Style: Fairy style


  • Light can easily build the festival or party feel you want.
  • Perfect for decorating your home, living room, garden, tree, etc.
  • Ideal for Christmas, wedding, ceremony and other festivals and events.
  • Different sets can be connected together.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Holiday decoration lights can be used for all types of holidays and all types of parties more than Christmas.
  • Internal design, such as decoration for home, hotel etc.
  • Architectural design such as decorative building lighting, edge lighting decoration etc.
  • Advertising design, such as outdoor illuminated signs, billboard etc decoration.
  • Display design, such as decoration of beverage cabinet, shoe cabinet, jewelry counter etc.
  • Underwater lighting engineering, such as decoration of fish tank, aquarium, fountain etc.
  • Car decoration, such as car chassis, inside and outside the car, high brake decoration etc.
  • City beautification, landscape design, holiday decoration and so on.
About the item:
  • This is a perfect and great decoration light, elegant design and fascinating light, great to decorate your garden, patio, lawn, gate.

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