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Globe Simple 32CM

Globe Simple 32CM
Globe Simple 32CM

Globe Simple 32CM

A globe is a spherical model of earth, of some other celestial body, or of the celestial sphere. Globes serve purposes similar to some maps, but unlike maps, do not distort the surface that they portray except to scale it down. The word globe comes from the latin word globus, meaning sphere.

  • Have the world at your fingertips for endless journeys of fun and learning.
  • Great valued globe.
  • Smoke black plastic base.
  • Sturdy child friendly construction.
  • Quality product.

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22,400 Rs.
  • Model: ST00342
  • Weight: 500.00g
  • SKU: 12116
  • MPN: ST00342
  • Location: STP-LHR
  • Categories: : Stationery & Craft
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