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Currency Counter V 30

Currency Counter V 30
Currency Counter V 30

Currency Counter V 30

  • Automatic detecting with UV(ultraviolet) and MG(magnetic) while counting.
  • With batching, adding and self examination functions.
  • Unique design, handy, lightweight and portable for use.
  • Powered by AC100-240V adapter, besides you can use 4pcs AA batteries for convenient use.
  • Handy, light-weighted and portable, convenient to use and carry.
  • Save time and labor costs.
  • Our product can only count the number of banknotes, and cannot count the total amount of money. Before counting the banknotes, please arrange your banknotes first, and then stuff them to the forefront.

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37,520 Rs.
  • Model: OT00098
  • Weight: 500.00g
  • SKU: 11777
  • MPN: OT00098
  • Location: STP-LHR
  • Categories: : Stationery & Craft
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