Bruno Onion and Vegetable Slicer Chopper (Imported)

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Fast and Professional Vegetable Cutter and slicer. The best kitchen gadget instrument specially helps you chop onions, cheese, sausages, French fries and other vegetables of any size to 1-6mm. Forget the hassle of spending all that time standing on the kitchen counter just trying to chop your vegetables finely. Time Saving Best for Salad Cutting Vegetable slicer Fast cutting and sharp blades Slicing and Chopping Working so fast Best for potato and onion cutting Color: White& Grey Type: Vegetable cutter, Slicer & Dicer Material: Plastic Made: Germany Bruno is specially a vegetable cutter made in Germany for cutting salad and vegetables. It is mostly using at hotels as professional salad cutter it works very fast and save your time, its basic function is to cut and make salad of different shape also you can make round shape chips.

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