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Bloody W60 Max Gaming Mouse RGB – Stone Black

Bloody W60 Max Gaming Mouse RGB – Stone Black
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Bloody W60 Max Gaming Mouse RGB – Stone Black
With professional 10,000 CPI, 8000 FPS,250 IPS, and 35G acceleration, the mouse gives gamers accurate and precise on-screen control in fast paced FPS games such as CS:GO.
  • BC3332-A 10K Sensor
  • Adjustable 10,000 CPI
  • Adjustable LOD
  • 2000 Hz Report Rate

It’s amazing to think how something so small as a mouse can be a major determinant of your gaming skills. Setting up the right gaming PC is the first step to seamless gaming. You cherry-pick the right card, ram, processor and other essential ingredients that make up the perfect PC to suit your gaming needs.

However, that’s something you pick right off the shelf and never really touch it again once it’s installed. But the how well you game is highly dependent upon the input devices that you choose.

Choosing the right gaming mouse is basically the most important element to your gaming skills. How responsive the mouse is will determine how competent your performance is. Sure, you will need to improve the skills beyond the mouse’s capabilities after some point. Till then you leverage a mouse’s abilities to improve your gameplay.

Why choose Bloody W60 Max Gaming Mouse RGB?

Amongst the many mouse choices is the Bloody W60 Max Gaming Mouse RGB. The first that you notice right away is the beauty of the mouse. The equipment is brilliant to touch and feel from the moment you get your hands to it.

Looking at the numeric, the mouse has some pretty decent performance numbers to offer. With an impressive 2000Hz report rate and a 10-K sensor, you are sure to never feel a hint of lag when you game.

Who should get this product?

This is suitable for any PC game requires a mouse. Like CS-GO or DOTA. Bloody W60 Max Gaming Mouse RGB is all set to accelerate your progress on the road to become the best gamer.

Improve your gaming now

With the Bloody W60 Max Gaming Mouse RGB you are set to ace your favourite PC games including CS-GO and DOTA. You can easily get this product to fly off the shelf right to your doorsteps by Global Computers. Moreover, you can even order the right mousepad for your Bloody W60 Max Gaming Mouse RGB.




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