In the middle of covid-19 pandemic, we incorporated Brown Bag Pvt. Limited on 14th April 2021. The greatest challenge for us was where to place our HQ and Offices. Businesses and areas were under lockdown and there were #healthandsafety concerns over maintaining a proper office in any large city.

So we decided to take a risk. we decided that we will be a purely remote organization. All employees and operations will be online. Zero contact.

We picked up Whatsapp as basic communication tool. Toptal and Traqq as our time / attendance Trackers. and Occasional Google Meet for team #team #communication. Later we added basecamp as a task assignment tool because whatsapp group was too active. 300+ messages a day.

We are Just completed our first quarter and are into our second and we covered a lot of ground so far. We managed to create a wonderful shop on, A facebook page with over 11K followers and strong presence all over social media.

Along the path we picked up great partners like Hamdard Pakistan , Appollo Houseware. and many more. We established great working relationships with our suppliers and made sure we are ready to provide right products for our customers at best quality and prices.

Its a long journey ahead of us but team members like Javeria Malik and Sharoon Elyas make me think that future is ours. we will be one of the leading online stores in Pakistan and probably open outlets in main cities so our customers and walkin and buy our products too.

We have just proven that remote organizations are as efficient and powerful as physical ones. I would even go further and say. remote teams are the best.

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