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Alcatroz Xplorer GO 100 Bluetooth Keyboard

Alcatroz Xplorer GO 100 Bluetooth Keyboard
Alcatroz Xplorer GO 100 Bluetooth Keyboard
    • Ultra-slim and portable
    • Bluetooth V3.0
    • Standby time: About 120days
    • Usage time: About 80hours

Alcatroz Xplorer GO 100 Bluetooth Keyboard Available in Best Price in Pakistan at

  •  a lightweight portable wireless keyboard that can connect to Windows, Android and iOS devices.
  • With this keyboard paired to your smart devices, it frees up screen estate that is taken up by the screen keyboard so you can view more content and allows typing your input much quickly.
  • Although it provide docking feature like Xplorer Dock 1 and Xplorer Dock 2, it is twice lighter in weight.
  • The keyboard uses similar layout as a laptop keyboard.
  • Low-profile quiet non-tactile keys.
  • Each keys have symbols stickied on its surface rather than having laser etched to it.
  • This keyboard offers multimedia shortcut functionality, which can be accessed by pressing the Fn (Function Key) and with the highlighted blue symbols.
  • This allows user to conveniently play/pause or skip to a different music track, modify the volume settings or mute and etc.
  • There is a LED indicator at the top right which lights up for 1 second when you turn on the keyboard.
  • When you activate the Bluetooth, the LED will start blinking to indicate is ready for pairing.


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