Mouse Glue Trap Board

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Product Description


The Expert catch mouse glue traps use special cardboard that is thicker and harder. Catch more effectively with this stickiest, strongest trap. Easier to catch, unlike other glue traps that allow insects to escape. Catch it in one second.


Foldable design makes this sticky board easier to catch. The Superglue board could be Placed, "L" Placed, and “U" Placed and "0" Placed. Especially suitable for the placement in a narrow space.


Easy Catch glue traps have a flexible design for use in tight spaces. Just place the trap where insects are observed frequently. Easy to clean up, didn't have to touch the insect to get it out of the trap - just opened it over the garbage can into a bag, DONE.


Mouse catcher boards are made of eco-friendly material, with no chemicals, and toxic compounds. This glue trap is great for trapping small scorpions, spiders, crickets, cockroaches, flies, and other common household pests. Great for use in indoor, kitchen, office, meeting room, restaurant, behind appliances, under the sink, garage, garbage areas, etc.

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