Silicone Gel Half Heel Anti-Crack Foot Care Socks (1 Pair)

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Product Description

These anti-crack silicone heel socks prevent dry skin, soften calluses, protect against peeling and cracking, and relieve heel pressure with a dampening effect. Anti-crack silicone socks are good for people who already have heel pain and need to stand for long periods of time or walk slowly. . These anti-crack silicone heel socks are just set to clean and wear anytime, simply hand wash it with soap and then let it dry.

Who can wear Silicon Heel Socks?

People who need intensive care for severe rough-dry and rough heel, Silicone Gel Heel Protective Socks prove to be superb pain relief socks in the easiest way.  These silicone gel heel protectors are great for both normal shoes and shoes with high heels. They can also be used to protect the feet from strain. 

Anti Crack SIlicon Gel Socks Benefits

Purpose: Provides soothing relief for your heel pain, extra cushioning reduces heel pressure, helps with dry, cracked heels and skin that's peeling.  Softens foot calluses and keeps the heel from drying out. Ultra-thin, lightweight medical-grade gel silicone not only cushions your heels but also helps absorb shock. Easy to put on and take off shoes.


Silicone Heel Pads: are great for reducing heel pain from plantar fasciitis, Achilles, tendonitis tendon, heel spurs, sore heel, and they can also repair dry and cracked heels.

Breathable and comfortable: Designed with small holes to let air flow through and reduce uncomfortably, makes feet extra soft, comfy, and skin smooth. Extra-thick silicone heel pads are made to provide enough cushion to ease heel pain. The thickness is up to 0.2 inches. Best if you don't have shoes on or if your shoes are loose.

Durable: thick heel protectors are very thick, so it's not easy to tear them off after long-term use. These are easy washable and reusable, strong and long-lasting foot care product.

Universal sizing: because it is flexible, it can fit both men's and women's feet. Say goodbye to heel pain, plantar, heel spurs, achilles tendonitis, and dry, cracked heels.

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