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Foot Care

Brand: Generic Imported Location: BB-WAREHOUSE
Perfect for people who stand or walk for a long time like security, teacher, nurse, salesmen. For people who Daily do foot-care treatment to heel. As a heel preventive moisturizer and best quality, it is needed by People with cracks in heels. Heel anti-crack silicone Care set is not allergic to the ..
200 Rs.
Brand: Generic Imported Location: BB-WAREHOUSE
Soft and comfortable Light and breath freely Strong elasticity Pain relief How to Use: 1. Clean your feet. 2. Soak your feet in hot water for about half an hour. 3. Applying moisturizer evenly. 4. Put on silicone socks. Eliminates dryness and cracking: The product nourishes the skin and keeps the mo..
300 Rs.
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