Silicone Gloves for Washing

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Product Description

Our dishwashing gloves are easy to foam, saving you money. Silicone bristles cover the palms and fingers. These bristles make it easy to wash away dirt or oil stains. The brush glove is also very easy to clean. It will be clean and free of residue if you wash it with water or put it in the dishwasher.

These are the most widely used scrub Gloves for washing dishes, cups, bathroom floor, toilet fruit, basin or oven gloves that are below 320 or for pet bathing gloves, and more. The most durable and food-grade materials are made from 100 percent food-grade materials.

Made of high-quality silicone with a lot of give. The Silicone Washing Gloves  are made of 100% food-grade silicone, which is naturally antibacterial and doesn't hold bacteria, grease, dirt, or smell like a regular kitchen sponge does. Materials that are safe. Soft and bendy so that it fits in your hand. Insulated materials protect you from heat and electricity. Textured surface that doesn't slip gives you a better grip and control.

Silicone, which is not allergic to latex, is used to clean fruits and vegetables. The glove will remain strong and brilliant for longer than three years with the top-quality silicon.

You no longer have to hold a sponge in your hands. Just put on the magic silicone gloves, rinse them off with water, put some soap on them, and scrub and clean with your hands!

SCRUBBING POWER: It has hundreds of scrubbing bristles to get rid of grease, oil, and dirt that are hard to clean.

Use it to scrub and clean plates, cups, cutlery, carpets, floors, sinks, shower tubs, toilets, tables, cabinets, pet hairs, and just about anything else.

Be aware that the new silicone product will come with an unpleasant odor. If you have it, you should put it in an air-conditioned area for an hour or so.

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