Disposable Ice Cube Bags

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Product Description

You always have plenty of odor-free ice cubes with the ice cube bags. They work well to keep water safe from other freezer contents and are simple to use.

These ice cube bags with self-seal allow for simple self-sealing without the need for bag tying. Then, flip the ice pack over after filling with water. There you go. Fast and simple!

Keep your ice odor-free and spotless. They provide very easy filling and storage due to the self-sealing innovation. Materials that are water-safe and extremely durable.

To maintain food and drinks at a chilly temperature for several hours, put them in a portable cooler.  Fill the ice cube bag with low water pressure while maintaining it a safe distance from the faucet.

Food grade PE. Self-sealing and disposable ice bags, it includes 10 small bags, one small bag can make 24 ice cubes. So with these bags you will get 240 ice cubes in total.
Easy to use: just hold the bag under water, fill it up, tie it shut and then freeze. When do juice we suggest you use a funnel to fill.
Pop out skills: if this is the first time you use such ice bags maybe it will be a little difficult for you to pop out the cubes.
But after several use you will be a skilled operator. Or maybe you can just tear the bag and get a batch of them out at once and put them into a zip-lock bag. So they are easy to grab when you want a cold drink.

Convenient for carrying: the bags and lightweight and space saving. You can take it to travel, for parties, BBQ and so on. It freeze fast! No more ice ball or traditional ice trays.
All-rounder: it could be use for normal ice , juice ice , milk ice and kinds of ice you want. You will never taste like your icky freezer. The bags are not reusable but the plastic is recyclable

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