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  • Model: Glowing Wall Stars
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  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 3 cm x 3 cm x 0 cm
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Product Description

Made of PVC material, safe, odorless, non-toxic, waterproof, mildew proof.
Star Dot fluorescent stickers, will glow in the dark.
These stars are designed as round dot shape to imitate the beautiful light point we see on the night sky, very real.
Give your kids a mysterious starry bedroom, a romantic surprise for your lovers, or decorate your living room as a fun space.
Easy and quick installation: just peel them off and glue to a clean surface without any adhesive and they are easy to remove, too.
Perfectly reflecting the distance of the stars, showing the perfect sleeping scene under the sky, helping you relax and sleep better.
If you decorate your child's room with them, they will inspire your children's curiosity about the universe, to inspire their imagination and enhance their learning.
Material: PVC
Shape: Star

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